Thursday, 22 February 2018

One moment i will cherish in life #FridayReflections

I love travelling and seeing new places. I got this from my father who also loved travelling and ensured he took the whole family to some new place every two years with the provision of travelling expenses being borne by his company which is known LTC (leave travel concession which is still prevalent in government sector).

When i was working in Singapore few years back my company had less projects and i was asked to go on deputation that too on single status and i had to leave my family in Singapore or India. There was no option to say no. I and my colleague were asked to go and we had two places Sharjah and Amsterdam to choose one for each.

I always had a dream to see Europe and actually planned for some anniversary but didn't happen. My colleague was asked first and he opted Sharjah due to his personal family issues and i had no option but to go to Amsterdam.

I can never forget that moment of my dream coming true to stay in Amsterdam for over an year and by that time the company rules got changed and was offered family status.  Me and my family were so happy that we stay together and see Europe as much possible.

We went to Amsterdam and to our blessing the duration extended to two years.

We saw almost new place or country every month and explored places like Santorini  which we only saw in movies. Almost covered most of Europe. At the end of the deputation when i had to send my family back to India so that the schools were starting here but i had to stay longer for few more months i had pleasure of visiting Norway on 10 day cruise.

 The moment where you had no work but was to go to your dream destination with family will be remembered for life.

This post was written in response to the that one moment you'll cherish for life.
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Friday, 27 January 2017

Blogging after almost 4 years

Started blogging many years back discontinued, thinking to start again as now have lot of time.

Explored Europe for almost 2 years and now come back to India and currently in Gurgaon.

Will try to blog on travel as I love traveling.

Happy Weekend to All.


Saturday, 28 September 2013

New age TV shows

I am feeling too much obsessed with the comedy shows in recent times. They are becoming too much vulgar day by day. The playing of lady characters by males is increasing so drastically and I don't know why its happening so. Do we have the scarcity of lady talent or the males are so desperate to make a living and doing all this nonsense for a low price. It used to be fun when it was done once in a while in movies or shows for a specific scene requirement.

I am facing so much trouble in watching the above shows with my kid.
The TV these days is losing its charm with most of the shows which are no where to the current lifestyles and nothing much to enjoy with family.

Still there are some shows which are good and I hope more shows are made like that.I am still glad that some old TV shows still are so good and I enjoy with my kid daily.

I think in the current world TRP and advertisement revenue is the only factor for any channel.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Nature is powerful

The past week was one of the most disturbed week. I did not encounter a week like that in recent times.

The last week was ruled by nature, which reminded mankind that you don't take care of it and you are in deep trouble.

The week started with news of sudden torrential rains in uttarkhand (India) which resulted in land slides and my father who was on return journey from a holy place was stuck. Lucky that we could communicate with him and he was fine. But he was stuck there and struggled for food and harsh climate conditions. Considering age of 70 I felt bad but could do nothing against natures call. After the stuck he managed to move from there and he reached Delhi last night and will reach home this weekend. The reason for above sudden rains is deforestation of hill areas.

The week also started with haze in Singapore resulting in burning of forest in Indonesia. It worsened over the week and psi crossed 400 plus today. It was so horrible with smoke . it was difficult to breathe. Was so much worried for my kid, lucky school holidays and I m forced to keep him indoors. His holiday fun was upset. Haze seems be lessened today evening. Hope it becomes normal by the end of weekend. I wanted to take off to avoid haze but work pressure didn't allow me to take off.

The above two incidents in this week proved again nature is powerful and any play with that mankind has to bear a huge price.  In the first incident about 70000 people are missing and about hundreds died. In the second incident the people with asthama and breathing problem's faced hell and small children were most effected.

I hope the next week would be normal and my father would relax at his home and my kid would enjoy his holidays.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

One more year has gone as a father to my prince(his name is siddharth, we call him prince)

The above is the first time I held my prince in my hand.

I already wrote a blog about father's day last year

The journey from last one year was a roller coaster ride as we moved to Singapore in last year. Prince new school, new friends etc.

I realised that being parent is more a responsibility than just pleasure. We have to be very careful in what we do as my prince just follows me. If I have to encounter him for anything he just comes back saying u too do this.  Now we have to guide him what's  right and wrong. As he has many friends in school and around and keep s doing whatever he likes in them and its hard to make him not to do something s which are not correct.

But in addition to above since last one year we enjoy cartoons together.. Especially tom and jerry, play especially, outdoor games football, play in swimming pool with ball, enjoy movies.....we saw many and recently fast and furious 6 & man of steel ( we enjoy more as only we two go for movie as prince mom doesnt like ). So now all having fun with him.

I am happy being father as its enjoyment and it teahes me new things too.

Once again Happy father's day,

Saturday, 6 October 2012

New turn in life

My life has become like a hopper once i moved out from my home town after staying there for 30 years. once i left my home town i hopped every 2 years at mumbai, singapore, delhi and again singapore now.
Inspite of having quite a lot of friends i always carved for a true friend who will be always with me no matter where i was. I almost used to have one untill last year but was unfortunate to lose him to god.
He was my school mate from class 1. It was a long friendship of more than 25 years. We used to go to school for independence day n republic day even when we are working as we loved it and were also staying n working in home town. I felt bad when i had to leave home town for new job in mumbai. But we used to talk n he used to be the first person to wish for any festival ocassion etc. He was the first personto meet whenever i went home town as he still worked there.
One bad morning i have to say i got a call from one common friend that my close friend suffered heart stroke and was in ICU. I was shocked. I try to be in touch andbefore i coulkve arrang
ements to go to meet him news which was hesuffered kidney failure and another stroke and he passed away last night. I was so unfortunate that i could not see him for last time. I was very much worried as he has 4 year old son and not so educated wife and they were staying away from his parents as they could not adjust. We all friends tried to share money to guve a bright future but not allowed by friends parents stating as disgrace to them. Now my friends wife is staying with her parents with kid.
I lost my close friend. No one sends me any wishes for anything like he used to. I m horrified that prestige is more for parents even though they lost their only son.It was one of the buggest shock n lesson to me.I m still searching for a friend like him. As they say god calls his dearest people to him early nd my friend was one of a kind who helped everyone but we are not able to do anything for his family. Only hid good deeds will savehis family.
I was thinking to write above blog since long but finally wrote to this to honor one of the best friend ramya whom i met only 6 months back via sujatasatya blog. Although i never met ramya in person she was the one who inspired me to write blogs. She thought me that no reason is required to write a blog. She is a wonderful person and hope god fulfils her every wish.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Singapore Night Festival

Singapore Night Festival is an annual event conducted by Singapore National museum. It happened this year on last weekend of August and first weekend in September. When I got to know about in I was very excited to see the various events planned by them. There is the lighting of various museums with lights depicting the style of Singapore, art of Singapore, the ancestory of Singapore. As u can see is on the picture of lighting. It's amazing to see. It happens in vending between 7pm to 2am. There were various shows on streets and in the open area.

There are street shows like one of the above. A girl was made to stand on a stand which can go up and down , rotate, and also move forward. Along with the girl moves a band of drummers and beaters, with moving disco lights. U can see the pics of above. It was damn good with loud music and crowd going berserk. The girl dances and the stand keeps moving up down rotate. At the end she hangs in the air by the rope and the stand is rotated 360 deg with full speed as she dances in air. It was awesome to watch. It was done for 5 times along the street. We moved along with them. 

Then we moved to the other venue of other events. We had a schock to see a big transparent water pool hanging in air, having lights, music all attached. It was a schock because never seen such a big pool hanging in air and people standing fully below the pool. It was like 50m x 50m. Then started the music we could see one girl now lying in the pool of water. The music started the girl started making dance moves lying flat in pool followed by 3moregirls. The al started playing dancing jumping crawling from one end to other end. After some time the pool started moving down till it reached the bottom people to touch from bottom and see girls clearly as it was a transparent pool. It was awesome.  Then the pool moved back. Then one girl stood up and as she moved the pool of water moved in patterns. Then followed by all girls moving and playing again. It was too good.

Then we moved to a live stage of dj and live music 

We also visited one museum from inside which has bridal jewellery. It was too good.

It was already 1am. We could not cover all as time wasn't sufficient . Hope to over it next year too. It was on more lifetime experiences.